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Guspacho Gets a Job


Greetings again fair humans!

What seems to be a very world wide adjusted social norm, that has now demanded my obedience as well, is that you may not have.. well… anything unless you have a type of payment to buy it with.

Now the concept isn’t completely absurd. Actually to me it is, but I can see that with the human urges to possess and claim things a system like this has come to be and seems to be deemed a fair way of the world.

My only deep thought on this matter is when exactly did it happen. At what point did a man who lives on Earth made for every other man turn to the other and demand that he pay him some sort of compensation for the land where he has built his home. His life.

Food I can understand. The time and energy it takes to grow gardens combined with the population inevitably increasing, sharing with your starved neighbor would have a limit of some sort regardless of how high your capacity for generosity is.

Yet now I have discovered you pay for things that are dangerously labeled food!

That is right.

With the cost of living on this planet and my determination to stay and learn more about humanity and the world I found it necessary I get a job.

When looking for a place to work becoming likable in the short span of a fifteen minute “personal interview” I have found you are more likely to succeed when you do not ask the interviewer personal questions about life, death and the meaning of existence.

I of course did not mean to send hard working citizens into anxiety attacks, paralyze them with a serious existential crises or simply make myself “abnormal.” I was just making conversation, because really. I love to hear from humans experiencing it first hand just what they believe their journey is about.

Needless to say after many applications and surprisingly short interviews, the only place that was willing to accept me to their cooperation was an apparently very popular fast food restaurant.

I haven’t actually started the job yet, but they have given me a very atrocious outfit they told me was uniform and I am expected to show up to work tomorrow afternoon wearing the retched thing. I of course will oblige, but more so for the sake of being able to live on the planet independently.

I fear I may be feeling my first human-like emotion…

I feel a small bit of excitement that one day even I, an outsider from this world, can legally own a piece of the Earth.

May we continue to grow together in peace.


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Is Your Home Among Stars Now?


Where in the stars are you now?

I could use the comfort of knowing

Just which way to look when I’m missing you

Gazing up into an endless sky.


Where have you been, what have you seen?

Have you found a home within this galaxy?

Since you’ve left us all to search for heaven

To be alongside you has haunted all my dreams.


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The Coelura by Anne McCaffrey

Let’s take a step back in time to the good old fashioned fantasy genre…


I happened to look at other reviews before I began my own on this February book review and found very opposing opinions of the work. To me this story was very simply just that. A story.

A simplistic sort of love novella that takes place in a far off corner of the universe with strange happenings and fantastical worlds.

I first picked up the story because the art on the jacket of the book was memorizing. Briefly flipping through it I knew the illustrations alone would be worth the buy, so I purchased the book and took it home with me and read it all in one sitting.


The bad reviews that I read all complained of the basic authors writing style and were upset at the way the illustrator drew most of the attention, but I honestly loved it.

Often times I want to read a book to become deeply absorbed in the thickening plot, to cry for the characters or to root for their victories. Then now and again the most refreshing thing I find is reading a story like McCaffrey wrote where it is really nothing more than a small adventure in a large galaxy in the land of all possibilities; Imagination.

Through out the entire reading (with the help of the incredibly talented illustrator Ned Dameron) I was in a visual heaven.

Also, Please. If anyone ever paints a portrait of me I would love to have some awesome work like McCaffrey has where she looks like just a regular classy old woman holding a DRAGON LIKE SHE IS DAENARYS FREAKING TARGARYEN QUEEN OF THE WORLD. But I mean.. just putting it out there..


I don’t like to categorize myself to any specific genre when it comes to the enjoyment of reading, but after reading this mystical novel I definitely want to delve into more classic sci-fi/fantasy books that have a simplistic yet wondrous charm.

I apologize for how short this book review is. I have been completely absorbed with my real life sadly and haven’t been able to pay much attention to the internet world. I have begun teaching art and dance classes as well as painting quite a bit as I am hoping to eventually start to sell my paintings and prints as a part time job.

I am working to find balance though! I promise March will produce a bit more activity on my end. If you haven’t had time check out my new section “Prayers to the Universe” and look forward to a couple more Guspacho posts!

I hope your February was full of magic and light as well as I hope your March is full of twice that amount. May you lose your head in the clouds and imagine the worlds beyond the galaxies, incredulous and wonderful. I feel like I am forgetting something… OH YEAH! Read! Read! Read!


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I can’t believe I am the only one on this entire planet, who has seen 11:11 on the face of a digital clock and immediately made a wish because if you did so in that moment it was bound to come true.

Or perhaps it was at the time you were fortunate enough to catch sight of a star shooting across the night sky when you happened to glance up.

What are wishes to prayers?

Or what are prayers compared to wishes?

Really they aren’t all too different from each other.

You made a wish because you maybe for a moment really believed in that magical number, star, or whatever divine being you give your faith to.

When we pray, wish and shout to the heavens for whatever reason we are releasing the deepest desires in our hearts. We take a moment to meditate on what it is our soul yearns for so that we may live life just a little more peacefully.

This is why the power of intentions is so remarkably powerful. When we pray we admit to our intentions, and what we intend is what our heart wishes. The focus and energy we generate when we take these precious moments determines our course of actions and inspires our way of living.

And so I pray to you. I wish for you.

Imagine the possibility of an entire world wishing for peace the next time they see a clock that reads 11:11.

Contemplate the positive energy that will for a moment be so prominent when we hope for another happiness the next time someone lucky gets to catch sight of a shooting star.

Picture the power of prayer, regardless to whether or not the divine another believes in resembles your own. Picture the way our communities and treatment of others will move foreword if we all take the smallest of moments to intend just a little more goodness in the world.

What a silly pageant girl answer I preach about right… I mean world peace?

But why mock the power of prayer? Of wishes? Of hope?

Together I pray we take our faith and create a better world for humanity to live in.


Blessed be with love and light


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Sad Warrior

This is a prayer for the ones who are suffering.

For the ones who have reached a point they believe is of no return.

How did you find yourself on this lonesome cliff? Unaware that there are angels ready to carry you miles across the misery below?

You only feel the demons of your past persuading you the fall would be easier than the faith it takes to fly. Just like demons angels have mistakable disguises, so I beg you to look up.

I dare you to peer past the clouds and sky and envision the heavens beyond where angels descend to embrace you.

This pain is temporary as is this life, and the magnitude of your life is too great to withhold from those in need of your divine brilliance.

Imagine for a moment you are the person you were before you knew misery. Before you knew loss, betrayal, pain, loneliness, unsatisfaction, depression, anxiety and the overall sense of being wounded and incomplete.

How would you have known of real goodness or deceitful evil? What could you have testified to if it was only innocence you’ve known?

Now imagine you are healed. Imagine you carry the strength of something more powerful than addiction, more prominent than depression/anxiety and that you contain a presence not only powerful enough to change your life, but many others in just as much pain as you are in now.

When you are ready you will know. You will believe this all to be true.

Until then, my sad little warrior, I beg you to keep up the fight for a little while longer. Your worth to me is too grand to be forgotten. Your worth to the world is needed and soon. Please breathe with me the love and light that this prayer carries and continue to search for the angels around you that are here for the soul purpose of growing with the help of your incredible contribution to this life.


Blessed be with love and light


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The Age of Steam Series by Devon Monk

Those who have been searching for an adventure to please the inner child of their heart look no further…


It’s America back in the day where railroads were still being built but at the same time airships have already become battle vessels of the sky. This steampunk themed series will take you on an adventure that is near impossible to step away from.


I personally have never been tied to a specific genre or author (Aside from Neil Gaiman, who is my love) but I found myself craving a sort of classic adventure book. I’ve read fantasy and science fiction and romance novels in early time periods, but I wanted something different.

Devon Monk introduced me to her world and I lived in it from chapter to chapter, having to argue with myself to put the book down so that I can do normal functioning human things like sleep. (Psh, so overrated.)


The story follows along a few characters, each intermingling and dispersing on their own ways through out the book. There was truly something I fell in love with about each character. You can sense the authors soul poured into this story and I really enjoyed the way she made me care about each of them as individuals and then all of them when they came together as a group.

The reason I am doing this review on the entire series (consisting of just three books at the moment, but potentially more) is because I read the first one so fast, I was finished with the second and third within the week! I haven’t been so into a series like this since re-reading the Harry Potter series OVER and OVER and OVER again. (I have lost count how many times.)

Even though the story line was taken by the inner child inside me always dreaming of new worlds, it was the maturity and underlying darkness of it all that kept me intrigued. I think Devon was very clever in the way she went about constructing the plot line, keeping the more gruesome parts like torture, gunfights, and loss interwoven through out the whimsical world she constructed of steam.


Another genius part of her novel is it’s correlation with the American government. I find the political capture of a novel has always been the down fall of making or breaking a made up reality. Without the varying opinions and wars of the government leaders, the world becomes more and more distant to the reader.

The thing that I find unfortunate about this series is that the publishing has been interrupted. Though Devon hopes to finish the series someday (She had seven books planned in total) it hasn’t been added to since the third novel in 2014.

There is a small short story on the internet that I believe takes place after the first novel and before the second, but I really hope there is a way this series regains popularity so that the characters in the story may finish their adventure.

Despite the sadness that will fill your heart at the end not getting to continue their journey right away, I still recommend giving the first book “Dead Iron” a try. If you do enjoy it, the two others that en capture the memorable characters and their world are “Tin Swift” and “Cold Copper.”


Devon Monk is also a celebrated author with another very successful series that has too many books for me to devote my time to at the moment, but I would encourage you to look into her if you enjoy a good adventure. Her writing is unique and full of heart.


Stay young and wild in your heart, adventures both in life and in books are always right around the corner.


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Better Off Alone, Unless Better Together

I feel as if we all inevitably desire companionship, but our impatience to receive it is the curse that withholds us from ever finding a genuine person who’s greatness inspires our own.

I fear I am so far from perfection. I worry that it may take my entire lifetime before I am half the being that I desire to be.

I have met many beautiful and honest souls, but I can’t allow myself to devote my feelings to any being who does not only motivate me to become that person everyday, but themselves also.

If I am to love, I want to grow to love more. If I am made happy, I want to explore new ways to achieve that happiness. It takes courage to journey through life alone, but it is a courage I will inherit if it means I am not settling for a static comfort that limits my potential.

I pray in hopes that as I run my race towards wholeness, humbleness, passion and peace, I may one day turn my head and see someone else also striving for these things. A partner running along side me that I can extend my hand to, who inspires me to push on if I tire and never let me live tomorrow as any less then the person I was the day before.

May we all one day find a person who challenges us so.


Blessed be with love and light