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Horns by Joe Hill

God’s justice may not be your own…


I have never been the one to turn down a story that makes you rethink humanity. I love writing that get’s inside your head and really makes your mind think in ways it doesn’t normally do. Joe Hill’s book “Horns,” did just that.

What are the dark fantasies inside the mind of a person believed to be the embodiment of perfection? What if good is the wrong and evil is the right? Do you REALLY think you’ve been in love?

Horn’s was a great October read, and if you want to read minds, discover shocking deep dark truths and walk alongside the main character Ig as he embraces his inner demon, this is an adventure for you.

I watched the movie staring Daniel Radcliffe on Netflix, before I even knew there was a book. I feel like this happens often, but I usually try to make sure I read the novel if I watched the movie – I always get a guilt trip and I feel like I need to pay homage to the original creator of the story. In most cases I think you can still enjoy the book and movie as separate creations and expressions of the story if you first watch the movie then read the novel. Most often times I just get excited there is more to the story rather than getting upset for the millions of missing details.


In the case of Horn’s I wish I would have gotten to read the novel first. The concept of foreshadowing plays a great part from the very first chapter, but I remember in the movie I was completely shocked at who was revealed to be the murderer. If I could wipe my memories of the story I would start over with the book so that I could see if the foreshadowing of the killer is as obvious as I thought it was.

Another reason that might intrigue you to read Horn’s, is that the author Joe Hill is actually Stephen King’s son. I definitely see hints of his father’s taste and influence in the writing, (things such as harsher vulgarity from the characters and the darker sides of moral values)  but Joe Hill still stands independently as the clear creator of the story.


The complexity of the plot is brilliance. I have been trying to write a novel myself and have found the hardest part is remembering all those little details and twists added in and tying them all together at the ending. How any author can do this I am impressed. With how intricate Horn’s characters were and the on the side details that actually popped back up later on, I thought the entire journey was incredibly well thought out.

In resolution I was captivated. From the beginning to the end every time I had to set the book down, I would immediately pick it back up to squeeze in one more section. When Ig wakes up a year after the brutal death of his girl friend with a pair of horns sprouting on top of his head, you emote with him until the very end. You get angry. Not just angry – enraged. Patience is tested. Your heart gets broken. You feel for the endlessly suffering and you anticipate the resolution just so that the characters in pain may finally rest in peace.

I think Horn’s was the perfect book for an October read, though it might have helped if I posted this review at the beginning of the month rather then the end. If you are one of those people down to sit in and watch a scary movie rather then go out and party, I would completely recommend curling up with this book and reading from cover to cover to get lost in Joe Hill’s dark world.


So go on. Put the bowl of candy out on the step and shut off the porch light. Find a dark corner in a room and pull the blinds shut. Light a candle and reawaken in a new world where you are the devil and the decision of damnation is left to you. Are sins what make you evil? Or is it something else entirely? Something deeply troubled in the root of your soul?

Declare your justice, discover the truth and always fight for what you love.




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