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Greetings Internet, I am Guspacho


Hello Humanoids.

My name is Guspacho (pronounced GOO-SPA-CHO) or at least that is what your Bohemian Queen has titled me.

We are not given names where I am from. When we are created we are what we are and if we are not sure what that is, we are who we become.

I believe a phrase many of you use is “Time is of the essence.” In any case we go by quite the opposite in my galaxy. Time envelopes your reality which I really find quite fascinating. Upon my arrival was the first time in my existence at being introduced to a clock.

Earth is the first place I have visited where the concept of measuring ones journey on a planet is a deed done by nearly every advanced organism. Humans are of course not the first to have done so, but on so large a scale you have surpassed by far.

I will delve into further observations later, for now, I am getting to the purpose of this passage.

I was always aware of Earth’s existence, but my visit is more of an accident than a pre-determined trip. Even then I would go on to say it’s more so fate than a mere accident.

My space ship The Spacechapo began to malfunction as I was passing over on my way to Venus. (A gorgeous planet by the way you really MUST take a vacation there sometime.) Myself and other species aboard landed in a clearing of a dense forest hoping not to be spotted. Being very technically challenged I decided to wander as the others began to repair the Spacechapo. This is where I met the Bohemian Queen.

I believe it was I who was the more startled. She had apparently seen my ship’s lights flashing neon purple above the dark heavens. She decided to go discover what was emitting the strange beams as she watched them disappear below the tree line.

She was very sincere in her request to have me over for midnight tea, so I obliged and followed her back to a cozy cabin in the woods. After and entire pot of jasmine green we came to an agreement.

I had grown an unquenchable thirst to learn and grow with Earth and it’s inhabitants. It had become an experience I deemed necessary. After speaking with her she had me in love with places I had never been and with people I had never met. This passion came just from the stories she told of her own journey here on Earth.

She told me she would be more than grateful to provide me her home as my shelter and all else I needed for as long as I wished with one and only one condition.

I am to write on her blog as often as I can regarding my observations of humans and of other things that I learn as my experience on Earth expands. An offer like this I just couldn’t refuse!

And so internet, this concludes my brief passage. I look forward to learning about you as well as telling you more about myself for however long my journey on Earth may be.

May we grow together in peace,




Greetings from your Bohemian Queen! A lover of life, a lover of love, a lover of adventure and above all a lover of experience. Keep up with this blog to share with me the extraordinary journey's that some incredible books have taken me on, get lost in the occasional short story or two and laugh with me at the struggles that are my day to day life as an introvert. New postings are at the end of each month.

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