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Yet Again


I often have a fear

Of great potential,

And various direct paths

That all meet an ambitious end.


It places great concern

In my heart and in each day.

I look back in the midst of a path

That I chose but that morning,


To come upon (yet again)

The tragic realization

My direction was no more

Than another hope of escaping.


And with every sunrise

I put myself together again.

A smarter mind I insist myself

That has learned it’s bitter lesson,


And then comes upon dusk.

I am, as expected, in shambles

Appalled that (yet again)

My clever mind has so fooled itself.


Pathetically enough even after this expression,

I’ll surely again start tomorrow the same.

And in the midst of whatever path lies ahead,

The end always is the place of which I came.



Greetings from your Bohemian Queen! A lover of life, a lover of love, a lover of adventure and above all a lover of experience. Keep up with this blog to share with me the extraordinary journey's that some incredible books have taken me on, get lost in the occasional short story or two and laugh with me at the struggles that are my day to day life as an introvert. New postings are at the end of each month.

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