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Call of the North


Silently the wind whispered my name as it combed through my hair

It pulled me gently to the north and I longed to follow

I could hear an echo of ringing silence from a distant song at its end

It greeted me in thoughts and danced alongside my imagination

But I still wouldn’t follow so the wind called again

A warmth of feeble embers glowed in the palms of my hands

I turned my palms over and the heat took way with the wind north

I took three steps forward then turned to take five steps back

The courageous roar of adventure trembled in the center of my heart

But not as proud as the knotting chains in my stomach protested

Peacefully the wind calmed around me and put breathe back into in my lungs

North waited up ahead while east and west curiously stayed by my side

South continued on his own way while I stood lost in the center of it all


Greetings from your Bohemian Queen! A lover of life, a lover of love, a lover of adventure and above all a lover of experience. Keep up with this blog to share with me the extraordinary journey's that some incredible books have taken me on, get lost in the occasional short story or two and laugh with me at the struggles that are my day to day life as an introvert. New postings are at the end of each month.

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