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Loving the Divine



There is something divine inside her unwilling to wait to be told so.


She is aware of the unequivocally phenomenal light that radiates from her heart.

She knows of the love that pours from a never ending fountain at the base of her soul.

She testifies to the pure intentions that leave small prayers on her lips from her last blessed kiss.


With this she is left more peace and serenity than she could ever hope for.


So worry not about the woman.

Believing she could never fully understand the magic coursing within her.

She feels it in her entire being and has never needed anything more than herself to know so.


Instead simply love her in the simplest way that any man can love,


Be by her side all the while she is by yours.

Cherish her deepest laughter as she cherishes your widest smile.

And lastly never doubt the love she has given to you in return.


Just like the awareness she has for the divine in herself, she knows of the divine in you.




…without a doubt in her mind…


… has always loved you.



Greetings from your Bohemian Queen! A lover of life, a lover of love, a lover of adventure and above all a lover of experience. Keep up with this blog to share with me the extraordinary journey's that some incredible books have taken me on, get lost in the occasional short story or two and laugh with me at the struggles that are my day to day life as an introvert. New postings are at the end of each month.

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