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The Absence of an Angel

My happiness was so great today that I almost felt overwhelmed by the remarkable surge of it’s presence. I feel my heart is full of an incandescent bliss.

Every hour, minute and second seemed to escalate this feeling higher and higher as my day went on. There was only one thing that faltered this miraculous feeling.

Of all the wonderful blessings, so recent and treasured, there is only one other my mind instantly wishes to share it with. What pains me is that I can not.

But I suppose for this to be my only pain I should be glad, because the absence of my friend is only sad because of my greed’s disappointment at not exclusively having the angel it treasured most.

I am so fortunate to have had the time with them for the years I did and even more fortunate in knowing we are both alive and well today. More than that our hearts are full of love for the world and for each other regardless of the end to physical/emotional presence in each others lives.

I am blessed.

I am grateful.

I am happy.

I pray in hopes to radiate and spread this light among others so that one day we may all feel so complete. With acceptance and sincerity I strive to continue on living so that I may soon meet the other angels on Earth that have so much to teach and inspire within me.


Blessed be with love and light,



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