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Better Off Alone, Unless Better Together

I feel as if we all inevitably desire companionship, but our impatience to receive it is the curse that withholds us from ever finding a genuine person who’s greatness inspires our own.

I fear I am so far from perfection. I worry that it may take my entire lifetime before I am half the being that I desire to be.

I have met many beautiful and honest souls, but I can’t allow myself to devote my feelings to any being who does not only motivate me to become that person everyday, but themselves also.

If I am to love, I want to grow to love more. If I am made happy, I want to explore new ways to achieve that happiness. It takes courage to journey through life alone, but it is a courage I will inherit if it means I am not settling for a static comfort that limits my potential.

I pray in hopes that as I run my race towards wholeness, humbleness, passion and peace, I may one day turn my head and see someone else also striving for these things. A partner running along side me that I can extend my hand to, who inspires me to push on if I tire and never let me live tomorrow as any less then the person I was the day before.

May we all one day find a person who challenges us so.


Blessed be with love and light




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