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Sad Warrior

This is a prayer for the ones who are suffering.

For the ones who have reached a point they believe is of no return.

How did you find yourself on this lonesome cliff? Unaware that there are angels ready to carry you miles across the misery below?

You only feel the demons of your past persuading you the fall would be easier than the faith it takes to fly. Just like demons angels have mistakable disguises, so I beg you to look up.

I dare you to peer past the clouds and sky and envision the heavens beyond where angels descend to embrace you.

This pain is temporary as is this life, and the magnitude of your life is too great to withhold from those in need of your divine brilliance.

Imagine for a moment you are the person you were before you knew misery. Before you knew loss, betrayal, pain, loneliness, unsatisfaction, depression, anxiety and the overall sense of being wounded and incomplete.

How would you have known of real goodness or deceitful evil? What could you have testified to if it was only innocence you’ve known?

Now imagine you are healed. Imagine you carry the strength of something more powerful than addiction, more prominent than depression/anxiety and that you contain a presence not only powerful enough to change your life, but many others in just as much pain as you are in now.

When you are ready you will know. You will believe this all to be true.

Until then, my sad little warrior, I beg you to keep up the fight for a little while longer. Your worth to me is too grand to be forgotten. Your worth to the world is needed and soon. Please breathe with me the love and light that this prayer carries and continue to search for the angels around you that are here for the soul purpose of growing with the help of your incredible contribution to this life.


Blessed be with love and light




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