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I can’t believe I am the only one on this entire planet, who has seen 11:11 on the face of a digital clock and immediately made a wish because if you did so in that moment it was bound to come true.

Or perhaps it was at the time you were fortunate enough to catch sight of a star shooting across the night sky when you happened to glance up.

What are wishes to prayers?

Or what are prayers compared to wishes?

Really they aren’t all too different from each other.

You made a wish because you maybe for a moment really believed in that magical number, star, or whatever divine being you give your faith to.

When we pray, wish and shout to the heavens for whatever reason we are releasing the deepest desires in our hearts. We take a moment to meditate on what it is our soul yearns for so that we may live life just a little more peacefully.

This is why the power of intentions is so remarkably powerful. When we pray we admit to our intentions, and what we intend is what our heart wishes. The focus and energy we generate when we take these precious moments determines our course of actions and inspires our way of living.

And so I pray to you. I wish for you.

Imagine the possibility of an entire world wishing for peace the next time they see a clock that reads 11:11.

Contemplate the positive energy that will for a moment be so prominent when we hope for another happiness the next time someone lucky gets to catch sight of a shooting star.

Picture the power of prayer, regardless to whether or not the divine another believes in resembles your own. Picture the way our communities and treatment of others will move foreword if we all take the smallest of moments to intend just a little more goodness in the world.

What a silly pageant girl answer I preach about right… I mean world peace?

But why mock the power of prayer? Of wishes? Of hope?

Together I pray we take our faith and create a better world for humanity to live in.


Blessed be with love and light




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