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The Coelura by Anne McCaffrey

Let’s take a step back in time to the good old fashioned fantasy genre…


I happened to look at other reviews before I began my own on this February book review and found very opposing opinions of the work. To me this story was very simply just that. A story.

A simplistic sort of love novella that takes place in a far off corner of the universe with strange happenings and fantastical worlds.

I first picked up the story because the art on the jacket of the book was memorizing. Briefly flipping through it I knew the illustrations alone would be worth the buy, so I purchased the book and took it home with me and read it all in one sitting.


The bad reviews that I read all complained of the basic authors writing style and were upset at the way the illustrator drew most of the attention, but I honestly loved it.

Often times I want to read a book to become deeply absorbed in the thickening plot, to cry for the characters or to root for their victories. Then now and again the most refreshing thing I find is reading a story like McCaffrey wrote where it is really nothing more than a small adventure in a large galaxy in the land of all possibilities; Imagination.

Through out the entire reading (with the help of the incredibly talented illustrator Ned Dameron) I was in a visual heaven.

Also, Please. If anyone ever paints a portrait of me I would love to have some awesome work like McCaffrey has where she looks like just a regular classy old woman holding a DRAGON LIKE SHE IS DAENARYS FREAKING TARGARYEN QUEEN OF THE WORLD. But I mean.. just putting it out there..


I don’t like to categorize myself to any specific genre when it comes to the enjoyment of reading, but after reading this mystical novel I definitely want to delve into more classic sci-fi/fantasy books that have a simplistic yet wondrous charm.

I apologize for how short this book review is. I have been completely absorbed with my real life sadly and haven’t been able to pay much attention to the internet world. I have begun teaching art and dance classes as well as painting quite a bit as I am hoping to eventually start to sell my paintings and prints as a part time job.

I am working to find balance though! I promise March will produce a bit more activity on my end. If you haven’t had time check out my new section “Prayers to the Universe” and look forward to a couple more Guspacho posts!

I hope your February was full of magic and light as well as I hope your March is full of twice that amount. May you lose your head in the clouds and imagine the worlds beyond the galaxies, incredulous and wonderful. I feel like I am forgetting something… OH YEAH! Read! Read! Read!




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