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Guspacho Gets a Job


Greetings again fair humans!

What seems to be a very world wide adjusted social norm, that has now demanded my obedience as well, is that you may not have.. well… anything unless you have a type of payment to buy it with.

Now the concept isn’t completely absurd. Actually to me it is, but I can see that with the human urges to possess and claim things a system like this has come to be and seems to be deemed a fair way of the world.

My only deep thought on this matter is when exactly did it happen. At what point did a man who lives on Earth made for every other man turn to the other and demand that he pay him some sort of compensation for the land where he has built his home. His life.

Food I can understand. The time and energy it takes to grow gardens combined with the population inevitably increasing, sharing with your starved neighbor would have a limit of some sort regardless of how high your capacity for generosity is.

Yet now I have discovered you pay for things that are dangerously labeled food!

That is right.

With the cost of living on this planet and my determination to stay and learn more about humanity and the world I found it necessary I get a job.

When looking for a place to work becoming likable in the short span of a fifteen minute “personal interview” I have found you are more likely to succeed when you do not ask the interviewer personal questions about life, death and the meaning of existence.

I of course did not mean to send hard working citizens into anxiety attacks, paralyze them with a serious existential crises or simply make myself “abnormal.” I was just making conversation, because really. I love to hear from humans experiencing it first hand just what they believe their journey is about.

Needless to say after many applications and surprisingly short interviews, the only place that was willing to accept me to their cooperation was an apparently very popular fast food restaurant.

I haven’t actually started the job yet, but they have given me a very atrocious outfit they told me was uniform and I am expected to show up to work tomorrow afternoon wearing the retched thing. I of course will oblige, but more so for the sake of being able to live on the planet independently.

I fear I may be feeling my first human-like emotion…

I feel a small bit of excitement that one day even I, an outsider from this world, can legally own a piece of the Earth.

May we continue to grow together in peace.


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Is Your Home Among Stars Now?


Where in the stars are you now?

I could use the comfort of knowing

Just which way to look when I’m missing you

Gazing up into an endless sky.


Where have you been, what have you seen?

Have you found a home within this galaxy?

Since you’ve left us all to search for heaven

To be alongside you has haunted all my dreams.